ITS - Image Transfer Solution

ITS is a transfer medium that allows you to transfer images onto metal and other surfaces.  Print or copy any image, such as a favorite photograph, and use ITS to transfer the image.  The image will remain and the metal or other surface will show through where the white of the paper was, resulting in an ethereal, vintage look.  Imagine what you can create: keepsake jewelry, personalized gifts, and unique works of art!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble removing the paper backing from my image, what should I do?
Work slowly, in a bowl of water, using your fingernails to scratch away paper fibers. ITS Paper is designed to make this an easier process. The paper fibers soak off in water and requires a minimal amount of effort to remove.

What if I make a mistake?
If you make a mistake or don’t like the image you applied to your finished piece you can simply sand the image off using a 320 or 360 grit wet/dry sand paper. Water helps to lubricate and rinse the sanding paper as you work. Sand the piece with 400 or 600 grit papers to give the metal a matte surface before re-applying the image.

What if the edges of my image are showing?
If you don’t want the cut edge of your image to be so obvious, there are two ways to remedy this. First, cut the paper image to the exact size to match the edges of the metal to which it will be applied; or use 600 grit sanding paper to sand a little more aggressively around the very edge of the image to “feather” and soften the edges for an aged vintage look. Take care not to accidentally sand your image, use a small piece of sandpaper or fold a corner of the paper for more control.

I’m in a hurry, do I have to let it dry overnight?
You must let ITS dry completely before heat setting, but you can speed this process up by using a hair dryer. I have been successfully drying pieces by heading the back of the piece with an ordinary handheld blow dryer for a few minutes and then proceeding to heat set in the oven. This works for small pieces (the back of a bottlecap or small charm, larger pieces take longer or overnight to dry thoroughly.)

Can I color metal using ITS?
ITS can be used to tint the surface of the metal with color by adding pigment powders (such as PearlEx). Mix a small amount of pigment powder with ITS and paint it on the surface of the metal. Heat set the pieces at 325 degrees F for 40 minutes for a durable finish.  Click on the "ITS Color Application" project below for step-by-step instructions.

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