UV-30 Resist Kit

UV-30 Resist Kit

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UV-30 film is by far the most reliable resist we know of. It produces predicable results and allows incredible details and fine lines to be etched. It is easily applied using a transparency to create the design.  Using a UV resist will give perfect results on flat sheet metal, which is especially great when etching expensive metals like silver. Transparency design can be used over and over to aid in mass production.  All steps including exposure and developing times must be adhered to for success. See our video below for how to! 

This kit now includes a 36w UV Lamp. See images to view the lamp. We found that a 2.5 by 2.5" square of copper took about 28-30 seconds of exposure time with this lamp.

Store film with temperatures between 5C-21C (40-70F)  and relative humidity 30-70%. Product may still be good outside of recommended temperatures, so test before discarding.

Kit Includes: UV-30 Film (6' X 11" wide roll), 36W UV Lamp, 40W Bug Light Bulb (without UV spectrum), Black & Clear Acrylic, Soda Ash, Mist Bottle, Gloves, Clips, Instructions, Transparency Designs

HEAT can ruin film, especially if film is left in a hot delivery truck.  If your local temperature is warm (above 75F) consider ordering the cold pack for transport.  

To learn more, check out our youtube video and FAQs below:

UV-30 Film How-to Video 

Read FAQs and tips about UV Film here